sábado, 16 de julio de 2011

Friendship song.

Today's post is about friendship.
It's one of the most beautiful feelings when you know you have a friend there, to be with you every moment, in the hard times and in the good ones.
So, here's a song from this Punk band from Argentina, called "Attaque 77" that refers to the importance of a friend for a person.
Do never forget to tell your friends how important they are for you, and support them every time of your life, 'cause they 'll do the same for you.
Tonight's questions are:
What does "Friendship" mean for you? How important are your friends in your life? Who's your best friend? How did you get to know him?

Here is the lyric of the song "Amigo" by "Attaque 77" in both spanish and english:

Tu eres mi hermano del alma, realmente el amigo
Que en todo camino y por nada esta siempre conmigo
Aunque eres un hombre aun tienes el alma de un niño
Aquel que me da su amistad su respeto y cariño
Recuerdo que juntos pasamos muy duros momentos
Y tu no cambiaste por fuertes que fueran los vientos
Es tu corazón una casa de puertas abiertas
Tu eres realmente el mas cierto en horas inciertas.

En ciertos momentos difíciles que hay en la vida
Buscamos a quien nos ayude a encontrar la salida
Y aquella palabra de fuerza y de fe que me has dado
Me da la certeza que siempre estuviste a mi lado.
Tu eres mi amigo del alma en toda jornada
Sonrisa y abrazo festivo a cada llegada
Me dices verdades tan grandes con frases abiertas
Tu eres realmente el mas cierto en horas inciertas.

No preciso ni decir todo esto que te digo
Pero es bueno así sentir, que eres tu mi gran amigo


You are my soul brother,
actually the friend
That in every way
and nothing is always with me
Even if you are a man
still have the soul of a child
Anyone giving me their friendship
their respect and affection.

Remember together
We had a hard time
And you did not change
by strong winds that were
Is your heart
open house
you're actually more true
in uncertain hours.

At certain times
difficult thing in life
We who
help us find the exit
And those words of power
and faith that have given me
I'm sure
that you were always by my side.

You are my soul mate
throughout day
Smile and hug holiday
at each arrival
You tell me such great truths
with open sentences
You are truly the true
in uncertain hours
No need to say no
I say this
But it's good and feel,
who are you my dear friend.

And, as always, here's the link to the song video :)

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