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Classic songs used for official Soundtracks.

Hey guys, today's post is about those classic songs from the 70's, 80's and 90's that
have first became classics and then were used for some movies as the original soundtrack...
I'm sure you have already listened them so I will explain the way they appear in the movies,
and of course, i'll share with you the link of the video in youtube :)

The first two songs ("Baby come back" by Player, "Drive" by The Cars) appear in the movie
Transformers 1, in the same scene. The first song was released in 1977, while the second one
was released in 1984.
The movie shows at that time that Megan Fox, tries to
escape from the boy's car (who is a transformer that talks using the radio) and in the
moment that she's trying to left the car, the radio is switched on by Bumblebee (The robot)
and plays the first song, Baby come back, and as the girl is still trying to escape,
Bumblebee turns the radio station to one where both actors listened "Drive". It's such a
funny scene because of the boy's face lol

so, here's the link of the scenes...
Baby come back scene
Drive scene

and here's the link of both videos:
Baby Come Back

The third song is "Linger" by The Cranberries, released in 1993. What a beautiful song!
It appears in Click, the movie, in 2 scenes. The first one is when Adam Sandler is with his
girlfriend in a bar. Both are young and are only boyfriends. This scene is so romantic!
He writes her a note in a napkin that says "Will you still love me in the
morning?" and she answers him in the same note "Forever".
The second time that this song appears in the movie, is when Adam Sandler is in his son's
marriage party. The band that was playing in the place playes that song, and he asks his
ex- wive to dance with him , like in the old times... That part of the movie is kind of sad...

I haven't found a vid of both scenes , but i have here for you the official video of the song:


The fourth song and the last is "I don't want to miss a thing" by Aerosmith. This song is part
of the soundtrack of Armaggedon, and was released in 1998.
From this song, I couldn't found the scene's vid, but of course that i'llbring you the
official video link:

I don't want to miss a thing

Appart from this, i'll share with you a BONUS.
Two more songs that are real classics of all times: Here are the links, so enjoy!

Wind of change

Thank you for loving me

I hope you enjoy the post with the songs I've prepared for you... =)

Oh guys, i found the "CLICK" scenes!!

Napkin scene
Marriage scene (Kind of sad this one :( )

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