lunes, 1 de agosto de 2011

Songs from classic movie sagas Pt. 1

Hey guys! today's post is about those songs that everyone knows , but i bet most of you don't know the name of them....
This is the first part, and i'll present you those songs from the James Bond (007) Saga...

So, here are the most famous songs from the movies, which are included in a CD called "The
best of Bond... James Bond" :
01. John Barry & His Orchestra - James Bond Theme 1:48
02. Matt Monro - From Russia With Love 2:34
03. Shirley Bassey - Goldfinger 2:49
04. Tom Jones - Thunderball 3:03
05. Nancy Sinatra - You Only Live Twice 2:46
06. The John Barry Orchestra - On Her Majesty's Secret Service 2:35
07. Louis Amstrong - We Have All The Time In The World 3:14
08. Shirley Bassey - Diamonds Are Forever 2:42
09. Paul McCartney & Wings - Live And Let Die 3:14
10. Lulu - The Man With The Golden Gun 2:35
11. Carly Simon - Nobody Does It Better 3:29
12. Shirley Bassey - Moonraker 3:10
13. Sheena Easton - For Your Eyes Only 3:04
14. Rita Coolidge - All Time High 3:04
15. Duran Duran - A View To A Kill 3:35
16. A-Ha - The Living Daylights 4:15
17. Gladys Knight - License To Kill 4:12
18. Tina Turner - Goldeneye 3:30
19. Sheryl Crow - Tommorow Never Dies 4:53
20. k.d. lang - Surrender 3:56
21. Garbage - The World Is Not Enough 3:57
22. Madonna - Die Another Day 4:39
23. Chris Cornell - You Know My Name 4:05
24. John Arnold - James Bond Theme 2:14

And here are the most beautiful songs from the movies =)

Diamonds are forever:

Live And Let Die:


Hope you enjoy them, as much as I did :)

PS: This kind of movies are perfect to see at night :P what do you think?

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  1. I love James Bond movies...but who doesnt?
    The JB theme is a timeless classic. I dont know if those are movies to watch at night, i enjoy em regardless of the time :)

  2. Se que no tiene nada que ver, pero me hiciste acordar a All I wanna do de Sheryl Crow (A

    PD: :P

  3. View to a kill is my favorite. The chorus really gets me.

  4. J. Bond movies are great!!

    I didn't know some of those songs, thanks 4 sharin'

  5. I'll check them, sometimes I want to know a name and this list will likely help me..


  6. I actually have that album... never know when you're going to need a spy song.

  7. Live and let die and the world is not enough are the best, songs I mean.

  8. interesting topic you choose... it happens really often to me...i just cant find out what is the song name....
    keep up the good work!

  9. Excellent selection of music! I'll have to get that CD at some point!

  10. have it in my head for so many times playing 007 goldeneye in N64 haha

  11. Love the James bond soundtracks. John barry is a legend and one of my favourite tracks is 'Death at silicon valley'